Glasses Master Craftsmen and Skills

Providing Maximum Comfort for Long-Term Use.


In many cases, it can take up to 200 or more processes to complete a pair of world-class Fukui Sabae glasses. Each individual process is a division of labor involving dedicated factories and skilled craftsmen.

Although the individual craftsmen are engaged in different processes, strict quality checks and control result in superior quality glasses.



Although machinery has optimized production, the majority of important processes are still performed by the trained eyes and skilled hands of our craftsmen.


Extremely high-precision, user-friendly glasses cannot be produced with machines alone.

The individual craftsmen may be engaged in different processes, yet each continue to produce glasses with the same shared dream and sense of purpose.


To provide maximum comfort for long-term use.

Glasses play a major role in our everyday lives. For that reason, they must be strong, and offer such superior levels of comfort that users will forget they are wearing them.

Each skilled craftsmen passes on this desire and sense of purpose to the next process.



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